What is a Fortified Home™?

A Fortified Home™ is one in which you add muscle to how it is engineered and built using very specific upgrades which help lessen the destruction which can occur from specific natural threats. There are three levels of designation, Bronze, Silver and Gold that build on each other. This lets you choose your goals, budget and level of protection.

Brief overview of each level:


The focus is on roof cover, decking, attic ventilation and soffits.


The focus is on opening protection systems and how the gable of a roof is built and how roofing overhangs are fastened.


The focus is on developing a continuous load path system from the foundation up to the roof


So, why should I build a Fortified Home™?

  • To strengthened against specific natural events
  • Better insurance rates
  • For peace of mind

For more information, please contact  Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety®

*Your home insurance company can provide you with information as well.